11 Reasons Why I Eat (More Than I Should)

11 Reasons Why I Eat (More Than I Should)

Eating whatever you crave can seem harmless…right?

It may be easy to play the “Blame Game” when you stray from your diet, saying things like “I should have eaten 2 slices of pizza instead 5.” There could be more to this habit.

6 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight

  1. Acknowledge cravings. Consuming light healthy snacks/meals helps you avoid becoming very hungry and eating whatever is near you like cold buffalo wings and chips.

  2. Slow down. Take smaller bites and chew your food thoroughly. A steady pace gives your brain time to tell your stomach that you are full.

  3. Be flexible. Starting a super-strict diet may seem righteous to you but can backfire if you’re too firm. If you need a day or two to prepare and become mentally ready, use that time wisely.

  4. Scale your menu down. Planning your snacks and meals around a restricted number of healthy foods helps you dine less. The lack of variety diminishes your appetite.

  5. Focus and eat consciously. Being busy and not thinking about how you are eating is where overeating thrives. Instead of browsing on your phone or watching TV, take a seat and enjoy your meal without any distractions. Be cautious of nibbling while you’re making meals or roaming in the kitchen after dinner.

  6. Avoid certain low-fat foods. Did you know low fat foods usually contain ≤3 grams of fat, according to the CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 via FDA? In addition, some low-fat foods (e.g. non-fat yoghurt, presweetened cereals, non-fat salad dressings, etc.) are higher in sugar and/or sodium, which can increase your appetite.

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

  1. Exercise more. You know physical activity burns calories. But did know it helps fight depression and anxiety, which can lead to overeating? Plan to work out at least 30 minutes a day 3-5 times a week. Make sure you stretch before and after to improve your muscles and joints.

  2. Sleep well. A lack of proper rest can cause you to eat more, making it problematic for your body to digest food well. Develop the habit of going to bed early daily to acquire at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

  3. Socialize wisely. When we have company, it’s easy to lose focus on your food portions. Be vigilant when you’re enjoying holiday dinners and office parties. Strategize your meals so that you are in control of what you eat and how much you eat during special occasions.

  4. Deal with your feelings. While it’s natural to associate food with your moral level, it’s vital to have other behaviors of dealing with your emotions. To hold you accountable, call a friend or write in your journal.

  5. Talk with your doctor. If you binge frequently, feel guilty and ashamed about your eating, talk to a professional (e.g. doctor, licensed counselor, or even a pastor). Don’t be ashamed. Be encouraged that you are getting the assistance you need.
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